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Submitted by: Dan Ripa

Finding affordable bedding sets without blowing your budget can be a tricky business. Some people are pros when it comes to living on a budget, while others aren’t so good at it. I know that it took me a long time to figure this thrift shopping thing out and found that the best thing for a new thrift shopper to know is, no matter where you shop for affordable bedding sets, you want to shop cheaply and find great deals that are impressive to your budget.

Let s start with the most obvious way of shopping. This would be finding a good deal from a store that is going out of business, or an annual sale you are sure to score on great quality affordable bedding sets while spending a fraction of the price. Additionally, look at stores when the sets will be transitioning at the end of a season from the thicker winter bedding sets to the light and breezy summer sets or vice verse. Transition of seasons is the best time to get affordable bedding sets from the ending season merchandise. Stores can also provide additional savings through coupons or if you sign up for their store cards, these savings sure can add up quick!

Maybe rushing around grabbing items out of other people s hands and trampling old ladies isn’t your style. Something more relaxing and at your own convenience is right up your ally. Try searching the web for affordable bedding sets. Not only can you find store brand items at a cheaper discount price online but most bedding stores provide free shipping. Shopping online for affordable bedding sets can provide numerous savings as well. Sites like can provide additional coupons to add to your savings. Other sites like cost a fraction of the normal price due to the over stock that stores are trying to unload from their inventory. Online shopping is a big money saver for the mellow shopper and can offer a huge variety of affordable bedding sets.


Many of us who use social media nowadays also have sites available to us that list pre-owned items as well. The most popular online shopping network is Ebay, but others like Facebook garage sale are available and very popular as well. Many of these sites will offer well cared for or brands with tags on affordable bedding sets that are more cheap and can also provide easy access to multiple styles. Many of the people on these sites are like you and me and are not looking to make a fortune but to try and sell off the extras that they have available to them. They will answer questions and be honest about any flaws in the bedding sets. These garage sale sites thankfully are not a seasonal tradition and offer affordable bedding sets all year round. No more having to wait for summer!

Another common, yet seasonal shopping method can be garage sales. Shopping garage sales are an easy way to find affordable bedding sets for pennies on the dollar. Many homes that go through remodeling or high class homes that redecorate regularly can provide a treasure chest of terrific finds. Of course you have to be weary while shopping in this method, but common sense is all you need. A little common sense will tell you if your find has been handled with care and is a good purchase or if your could be bedding is worn and not worth it. However, this method could be too risky for your blood.

If you find that you don t want to garage sale for affordable bedding sets because you never know what extra critters you could bring home; there are consignment shops or thrift stores that are very cautious as to what they take in and sell. Many people will donate their pre-loved high quality bedding sets as they are a tax write off. Many consignment shops have specials for colors or certain sale days that can add to your savings. Consignment shops have been springing up in popularity over the years and are still pulling strong as they provide a clean and economical way to shop for high quality affordable bedding sets.

All in all, there are many different ways to create a luxury look without breaking the bank. Whether you are a get out there and find it person who prefers to find a location to shop and get the best price or if you would rather shop in the comfort of your own home, there is a method of easy, low cost shopping for everyone looking for affordable bedding sets.

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