Construction Dispute Resolution Expert Witness Assistance

Construction Dispute Resolution Expert Witness Assistance


William Hauselberg

The construction of a new home or office building can be a daunting task to manage. From the beginning of the process, stress immediately sets in. The finding and selection of a contractor is not an easy task. In fact, the pre-construction part of the project can often be the most stressful part of the project.


However, if you have ever had to go through the process of having something go wrong with the project, and the subsequent legal action, then you know pre-construction stress is nothing compared to the stress of the possibility of needing construction dispute resolution. The Legal Aspect of Contract Disputes When you are in the legal realm of construction dispute resolution you will likely have to rely on a construction expert witness. If you are bringing legal action against the builder you will need to prove that the builder, or builders, breached their contractual obligation. In the area of construction there are often many gray areas that a homeowner or a business owner might not be fully aware of. These gray areas typically involve things like disclosure of building practices and codes, the pulling of city or town required permits, and various kinds of hold-harmless agreements. The legalese involved in most construction contracts should signal to buyer that he or she ought to seek legal advice before entering into any agreements. Getting an Expert for Your Case Most people who are engaging a construction company for work are not experts in construction themselves. Therefore, when something goes wrong with the structure of the building or elements of the structure (like electrical work, mold issues, and settling issues) it is hard for the buyer to know who is legally liable. This is when a construction expert witness is helpful. You can hire a construction expert to come in and review the contracts and workmanship. When it comes time for trial you can call this person as a construction expert witness to bolster your case against the defendant. If something happens to your new home or office, and really even before anything happens, you should consider bringing an expert on board to help spot any issues before the situation turns into a complex, expensive, and stressful legal process that neither side wants to deal with. Construction dispute resolution

is really a stressful process unless you have the right

construction expert witness


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