Top Retro Bins To Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

Submitted by: Meghan Burton

Conventional kitchen bin designs are, let s face it, predictably boring. No one really wants their dirty, smelly bin to stand out in their kitchen. After all, it s where you put your rubbish, and in an ideal universe I think we d all prefer not to know that our rubbish exists. And forget having to deal with the kitchen bin on a daily basis; that s something we d all like to ignore too. Putting out the bin is not anyone s favourite chore. Cheaper bins are inevitably made of plastic in a dull colour (mine is gray) and more expensive bins are often stainless steel for ease of cleaning and to hide better in a modern kitchen.

Like most unpleasant aspects of life, though, your kitchen bin is necessary with all the waste that our modern lifestyles generate. So why not buck the trend? Why choose a boring bin that looks like everyone else s? You don t need to, and in fact, the perfect designs to liven up your kitchen are out there. Retro bins provide all the advantages of a modern bin with a touch of style that will immediately remind your guests and in fact yourself of the past, and in a very good way. Retro kitchen bins not only have fantastic, quirky designs, but are often available in a range of bright colours which are guaranteed to lighten your mood, even when you have to empty the bin. Here are just a few of the many great retro bins I ve found:


For a sleek look that would fit in any modern kitchen, the Brabantia 30L Retro Pedal Bin is a fantastic choice. Colour options are slightly limited with this bin, but my choice would definitely be the red. Black also works well, but may not provide the same funky feel as having a bright red bin in your kitchen would. This bin has the patented Brabantia lid closure, ensuring that you will be admiring your bin purely on the basis of its appearance, rather than the odours emanating from the inside! The vented inner bin, which is also removable for cleaning convenience, will ensure that liner removal is easy every time, making this pedal bin both attractive and functional, especially with a ten year Brabantia guarantee.

The Hailo Kickvisier 50L Pedal Bin looks like it would be most comfortable in the kitchen of an astronaut, especially in gray. Green or orange, though, will give your kitchen that retro feel. This is ideal for larger families; it has a large opening which will fit entire plates or dustbins for emptying, and its fifty liter size will hold a lot of waste. It too has convenience features, like a rubber band to hold the bin liner sturdily and an odour-proof lid. For a science fiction feel in your kitchen, this Hailo bin would be perfect.

My final choice for the ideal retro bin is the classic Wesco Pushboy 50L Retro bin. This bin looks like it just stepped out of the 1950 s, as it should since it was directly inspired by the traditional American ash can according to the company s website. This bin combines fantastic modern German metalwork with that bright red design to provide the ultimate in retro bins. There are other choices available, but why mess with perfection even in a kitchen bin?

Next time you resent taking out your bin, consider switching to a retro style. The chore will be the same, but these bins will certainly make it easier.

About the Author: Meghan Burton is a professional copywriter, writing on behalf of Go Chic (

), the kitchen accessory specialists.


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