Get Creative With Concrete

Get creative with concrete



Concrete is indeed a natural choice for home construction for any environment. If you are looking to resurface or rejuvenate your surface then with today s advances in concrete construction there are several available possibilities from which you could choose.

Are you bored with the regular gray shade of concrete? Do you want to spice up and add color to the concrete so that it could compliment an environment? You now have multiple easy options to infuse color to concrete and also you can select from a multitude of colors. There are two popular and common methods for adding color to freshly poured concrete are integral pigments and dry-shake color hardeners. Both these procedures of coloring concrete provide long-lasting and fade-resistant color. When it comes to the case of color hardeners, they also enhance and improve surface hardness and durability.


Concrete dyes can be used to add color to concrete in residential and commercial applications; it is most commonly used for countertops and floors. Another innovated idea of architectural concrete is Lithocrete concrete, which is combination of reinforced concrete along with surface-seeded aggregates such as glass, sea shells, crushed glass, pebbles, tile, and mica. This process provides an artistic and creative look to concrete. It s best to choose a designer or contractor that could be able to help you choose and build your home effectively.

Sandstone surface effect is a decorative concrete that is mostly used in areas where people walk bear foot. It adds to the sensation of a place with its unique and exquisite designs and colors. This concrete is best suited for pools, patios and decks. The colors and designs that you select are most important in enhancing the look of this decorative concrete.

The latest exciting invention in the concrete construction world is stamped concrete. It is the embodiment of unique prints, textures and patterns on concrete that could replicate slate, wood, brick and other various materials. Stamped concrete is commonly found at swimming pool decks, passages and driveways. However, it can also be used for attractive patios.

Over the many years, when concrete was projected with just one very simple color, it now exciting to create and add designs, colors, textures and patterns to concrete and enhance the environment and location where it has been used. This new adventure could be seen in most places at the United States at various home exteriors, bridges, walls and floorings.

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