Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories ( Part 115 )

By Vish Writer / Swami Vivekananda

One particular idea is taken as the support,in which everything rests and exists,and that support has become all this. So on with various ideas. They tried this method with Prana,the life principle. They expanded the idea of the life principle until it became universal and infinite. It is the life principle that is supporting everything; not only the human body,but it is the light of the sun and the moon, it is the power moving everything, the universal motive energy. Some of these attempts are very beautiful, very poetical. Some of them as, “He ushers the beautiful morning,” are marvellously lyrical in the way they picture things. Then this very desire, which,as we have just read,arose as the first primal germ of creation,began to be stretched out,until it became the universal God. But none of these ideas satisfied.

Here the idea is sublimated and finally abstracted into a personality. “He alone existed in the beginning; He is the one Lord of all that exists; He supports this universe; He who is the author of souls, He who is the author of strength, whom all the gods worship, whose shadow is life, whose shadow is death; whom else shall we worship? Whose glory the snow – tops of the Himalayas declare,whose glory the oceans with all their waters proclaim.” So on it goes, but, as I told you just now, this idea did not satisfy them.


At last we find a very peculiar position. The Aryan mind had so long been seeking an answer to the question from outside. They questioned everything they could find, the sun,the moon, and stars,and they found all they could in this way. The whole of nature at best could teach them only of a personal Being who is the Ruler of the universe; it could teach nothing further. In short, out of the external world we can only get the idea of an architect, that which is called the Design Theory.

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