The Best Heart Rate Monitors Can Bring You Peak Performance}

The Best Heart Rate Monitors Can Bring You Peak Performance



Jessica Wheysmith

The new focus today in the endurance sports world is on targeted training. Using a heart rate monitor is one of the keys to this type of training. The best heart rate monitors vary from person to person based on individual need, but have a few essential parts in common.

During your workout you can easily track your heart rate using a high quality heart rate monitor. Monitors help you train within a certain target zone. Zones range from Easy to Moderate, to High Exertion. You can even train in the Fat Burning Zone. There are many different types of monitors to choose from, each having different features.The different ranges of training are usually expressed as a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). An easy way to calculate this is to subtract your age from 220. Hard sprinting will result in a zone of around 80-90% of your MHR, which is a high level. The moderate intensity level is a jog and is about 50-70% of your MHR. If you are very fit or have not exercised in a long time, then using the 220 minus your age method may not be the most accurate.One type of HRM is the chest strap model. If you want accuracy, these models are the best. However they can be a little uncomfortable for women and harder to learn how to work. These types of monitors are completely wireless, feeding data from the chest strap to the wrist monitor. You have to make sure the strap stays in contact with your chest, otherwise you get inaccurate readings. Moistening the connections help.Pulse rate monitors are another kind that you may be interested in. You have to put your finger on the monitor to get a heart rate reading. This can be kind of a pain right in the middle of a workout. However, they are cheaper, which can attract those on a limited budget. These typically look like high tech sports watches.You’ll find HRMs in basic and advanced models. While you workout, basic monitors will show performance measures like your high and low heart rate as well as your average rate. The rate that tells you the most is the instantaneous rate. By looking at this measure you know whether to work harder or back off during your workout to hit your target zone.More advanced models may be able to record distance traveled, time spent exercising, and other information. In order to perform these functions, most connect to a computer and download the data, perhaps into a software program that comes with the device, or into a common software program like a spreadsheet.You’ll even get GPS tracking with some advanced models so that you can see where you’ve been and where you’re going. You can even look at information on how fast you are going so that you can adjust your pace as needed. These devices are less reliable in certain areas such as very wooded regions. If you’re going to be working out indoors a lot then using a pod that attaches to your bike or foot to track distance and speed is a good option over GPS.The best heart rate monitors are the ones that work for you – for your needs, for your budget, and for your desires. If you’re just starting out and you don’t want to spend a lot then a pulse monitor is probably the way to go. For more advanced workouts and training though, you’ll probably want to look at a more advanced HRM. Before you go shopping make sure you decide what you want and what best suits your needs.

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The Best Heart Rate Monitors Can Bring You Peak Performance}

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