Can A Magnetic Energy Generator Power Your Home?

By Neil Morrical

There are a few different options you can choose from when you are looking for green, alternative energy sources to power your home. Many people automatically think of wind and solar power generators that can give you the energy you need to get off the commercial power grid.

They may think that the possibility of powering their home is not a realistic one because of the sheer cost of the units required to do so. Solar panels can cost hundreds of dollars per panel and the cost of a wind generator can be well over a thousand dollars. If you do not have the wind or sunlight to power your generator or if you are limited in terms of space, you may think that you have no choice but to rely on commercial power sources.

The fact is that there is an alternate energy source which is inexpensive to purchase, simple to set up, does not require space and which is not dependent on fickle weather conditions. Magnetic energy generators are quite capable of powering your home.


Choosing a Magnetic Energy Generator that’s Right for You

What you need to consider is how much energy your home uses. Every home is different. Your power consumption will depend on the appliances you have, how you use them, and how many people are in your home. A larger family or a home which is using inefficient and outdated appliances may consume a much higher amount of energy than one which conserves energy and uses new and efficient appliances.

You need to consider whether you want a magnetic generator that powers your entire home or one which will power individual appliances or rooms. It is not hard to alter your fuse or breaker panel in order to accommodate your generator and because the units themselves are not overly large you will be able to position them close to the panel. This can be important in order to ensure you can successfully generate power.

The main variations you will find in magnetic generators are the number and strength of the magnets that they use. As the magnets rotate on a central axle, they pass other magnets in order to generate a field. The generator then converts that magnetic field into electricity which travels through wires to the circuits or individual items that are running off of the generator’s power.

The units may also vary in their individual design. There is not much of a difference in the method that they use to generate the electricity. The magnets use attraction and repulsion caused by the magnets’ natural polarities in order to keep up their momentum. As the magnet travels around, it is first attracted and then repulsed in order to keep spinning. This is good because it means that once your unit is running it will keep running until you cause it to do otherwise.

You may have heard reports that a generator cannot power a home. It may be because the people who were using them did not assemble their generator properly or they did not get a powerful enough unit that was capable of producing enough power for their needs. By doing your research, you can avoid these issues and ensure you save money in addition to having the green source of energy you are looking for.

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